2015 33rd State Meet – Oct 10-17, 2015


Texas Cushman Club State Meet Mustang Club of America National Meet October 7-10, 2015
Abilene, Texas

IMG_3860All Roads lead to Abilene

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IMG_3878100 years Ride

Gene Whitehead and his 1948 Scooter lead the ride as the highest total score.

These photos and MORE will be in the December State Meet Magazine.

Enjoy the preview.

Click on the following link to print your registration form for the meet or to renew your membership. Please send all current address, email address, phone numbers, and spouse name so the Secretary will have the correct listing for you.


7 thoughts on “2015 33rd State Meet – Oct 10-17, 2015

  1. I wish the meet could be moved to May or June. We started the club meeting the frist weekend of June. October is a bad time with TEXAS football and the things with it. The Waco group has only been able to come to the state meet for one or two days. The number at the meet is down sence the meet was moved to October. If the club is going to survice something needs to change. Please comment on this the club needs help.


    • As the secretary, I agree the attendance is down but there is more to consider than the date of the State Meet. The membership is now at 270 members not the 400 in 2013. The age average is advancing. June is a notably hot time and there was one man who did have a heat stroke at Abilene, 2013. October has had agreeable weather.
      I personally could never attend in June because we were farming and that was a very busy time for us. It was our choice to attend or not. October was chosen by a vote of the membership. A motion at the business meeting and another vote could change this.


      • I was the one who instigated moving the meet to the fall mainly it’s cooler, there is no need to continue being in the heat, space available is easier to obtain and cheaper in the fall months. The membership voted, and it passed, at the business meeting in Paris a few years ago. It pass by a majority and only 3 were against it. The current president at that time requested that the board look into this matter and vote on it. At the Bluebonnet Meet being a board member I brought the motion up to the board, and everyone voted to move to October. Moving the meet to October, won’t affect who comes. Members will come if they want, and I have only heard excellent comments about enjoying the cool weather and not ONE wanting to go back to June. We should of done this years ago, Yes , in time membership will go down , just thru lack of interest, and health reasons. That’s inevitable. We can’t keep going back and forth on this. Our Club will survive, and we will continue to abide by the members wishes. Brent Landry ,Vice President


    • The fact is that our banquet attendance has been relatively stable since about 2008. We served 85 in June at Seguine the last time we were there, last year at Brenham in October we served 86 and this year at Abilene we served 89. Yes, our membership is declining but the time of the meets has nothing to do with this, it’s atrition. We’re all getting older.
      The decision to move to the cooler months was made at the last Paris meet for health reasons. Too many of us were suffering from the heat. The vote was 60 for and 3 against. The majority of the people that I have talked to like the cooler Fall meets. In actuality, it probably doesn’t matter when we plan a meet it’s going to conflict with someone. I for one hope that we can keep it in the Fall.


  2. I personally prefer having the meet in the fall, October is a great time for a gathering where we have a lot of outdoor activities. I hope we keep it in October as the summer heat is just do difficult to put up with. Thank you. Frank and Joanie Wyatt


  3. We enjoyed the fall meet. October is a great month for the meet being much cooler than June or July…if you ride your scooter at the meets like we do it’s really pleasant in the cooler weather.


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