Bastrop in the Rain

You can tell Cushman people the ride is called off due to weather forecast. Do they listen? No.

We had 10 people camping and 6 people who live in Bastrop all gathered for dinner and visiting. It did rain and the Sargents and Press trailers had to evacuate their campsites in the middle of the night due to the Colorado River flooding. What a great time!

Bastrop is Cancelled 

The weather looks horrible for this coming week we have decided to cancel the central Texas meat I will start to call people and if you would do the same we appreciate it 
I received this from Richard Kesselus this morning. We are disappointed because they are wonderful hosts. 

May 2016 Newsletter -email has been sent

Just the event we have been waiting for! More info and news than this blog could ever give you!

I have enjoyed this digital edition of Jennifer Johnson’s first newsletter.

To sign up, send your request to the After you have received a reply, you will receive the newsletter by email. You do have to be a current member of the Texas Club.

Amarillo Ride

This comment was made on the blog about the ride coming up:

The Amarillo bunch really went all out to make sure everyone had a good time. Barry, Pete, and Gary all know how to lead a ride I showed 255 miles, Don Page said 258, I told him no more 3 mile burn outs on that Silver Eagle. But thanks to all the people in Amarillo for a great weekend of good rides.
Ted Grisham (Midland Texas)

Margaret Trevino sent these pictures. Thanks, Margaret.