Oklahoma State Meet 2023

Gary Mathis, Don Reed, David Pickett, Paul Kruska, Michelle and R.J. Hudson, and Pete Henderson

Mary Kruska sent the photo of some Texas Cushman Club members who attended the Oklahoma State meet.

“We are constantly looking for new members just like TCC is, and as we transition through this change, our Texas and Oklahoma clubs are becoming more intertwined. I encourage our Oklahoma members to join TCC, and I invite our Texas friends to join the OCC.

Our dues are $15 a year. To join, there is an application for your convenience. And……………to the first 10 new members from Texas who send in their checks and tell Mike Estep that you read it in the Texas Cushman magazine, I will cover your dues for the first year!!!! Your check will be returned.” Paul Kruska quote from the 2023 February newsletter. There are still paid memberships to be claimed.

This is a PDF form that can be downloaded for your information.

2023 May Central Texas Ride

Photos and captions shared by Debi Goode.

Debi Goode reported 19 people. Richard Kesselus will have a complete article in the July newsletter.

“The Friday ride was great. 7 scooters drove the local area. We woke up Saturday morning to a monsoon! Needless to say, ride cancelled 😭”

Friday ride pit stop: Tommy Goode, Don Paige, Richard Kesselus, Twig Branch, Judge Chauvin , Don and Judy Henry, Jerry Krenek who drove the chase vehicle.
Friday pit stop: Judge Chauvin, Don and Judy Henry, Jerry Krenek,
Jack Miller, James Press, guest, Jane Press, and Emma Miller
Friday ride: Tommy Goode and Don Paige
Friday ride repair. Don Henry, Tommy Goode, Don Paige
Friday: Fish Fry attendees. Don Paige, James Press, Judge Chauvin, and Zoe Branch
Ride Host: Richard Kesselus and J J Mooney who cooked for the Fish Fry.
Fish Fry attendees: Diane Simpson, Zoe Branch, Emma Miller, Judy Henry, ?, and Jane Press
Fish Fry attendees : Jack Miller, Twig Branch,and Don Henry
Fish fry: Zoe. Branch and J J Mooney
Fish Fry attendees: J. J Mooney, Barbara and John Allbright, Jane and James Press
Fish Fry attendees: Judge Chauvin, Tommy Goode, Don and Judy Henry, Zoe and Twig Branch.

Central Texas Ride May 12-14, 2023

Richard Kesselus invites to to come and ride in Bastrop.

May 12,13,14, and 15, 2023  Central Texas Cushman Club 2023 Ride and Meet  Location: 113 My Road Bastrop

Expanded Meet Activities. If you want to come earlier or stay later and need to work on your scooter you are welcome. Tommy has a general good stock of new and used Parts and this would be a good opportunity to pick up what you need and install at the same time. Just order what you need from Tommy several weeks in advance and let me know when you want to come. It will also be a great time to do some trading or selling. If it rains, we will have plenty to get us involved.
I have one bedroom and bath available, as well as three full 50 amp spots and one more 50 amp with Water. Three 30 amp with water. Make a donation for RV spots.

RV parks:
Bastrop State Park 4 miles Call Texas Parks and Wildlife
Basin RV Park (former KOA) in town 512 321 7500

Hotel/Motel (in town)
Comfort Suites 512 321 3377                                 Best Western 512 321 0900
Days Inn 512 321 1157                                            Quality Inn 512 321 3303
Holiday Inn Express 512 321 1900                         Hampton Inn & Suites 512 321 2898
If these do not suit your needs there are several other choices, just google Bastrop Hotels.

Thursday: arrive after 12 noon 6:30 Meet and greet eat together, Dutch treat
Friday: 7am- coffee/donuts, 9 am- ride, 6 pm- fish fry
Saturday: 7am-coffee/donuts, 9 am-ride
social snacks drinks after ride
Sunday: 8 am-breakfast, 10am-short ride
12 noon-Meet Ends

Richard Kesselus 737-278-0903 (new Number) or Tommy Goode 512-549-3062

May Newsletter will not be Published

Due to the high cost of printing and mailed, there will only be a newsletter published in July. It will contain the spring rides and the information about the State Meet.

A blog post will be added to cover the Central Texas ride in Bastrop in May.

Please enjoy Richard Kesselus’s hospitality and share your stories.

Chrysti Love, Editor