2023 May Central Texas Ride

Photos and captions shared by Debi Goode.

Debi Goode reported 19 people. Richard Kesselus will have a complete article in the July newsletter.

“The Friday ride was great. 7 scooters drove the local area. We woke up Saturday morning to a monsoon! Needless to say, ride cancelled 😭”

Friday ride pit stop: Tommy Goode, Don Paige, Richard Kesselus, Twig Branch, Judge Chauvin , Don and Judy Henry, Jerry Krenek who drove the chase vehicle.
Friday pit stop: Judge Chauvin, Don and Judy Henry, Jerry Krenek,
Jack Miller, James Press, guest, Jane Press, and Emma Miller
Friday ride: Tommy Goode and Don Paige
Friday ride repair. Don Henry, Tommy Goode, Don Paige
Friday: Fish Fry attendees. Don Paige, James Press, Judge Chauvin, and Zoe Branch
Ride Host: Richard Kesselus and J J Mooney who cooked for the Fish Fry.
Fish Fry attendees: Diane Simpson, Zoe Branch, Emma Miller, Judy Henry, ?, and Jane Press
Fish Fry attendees : Jack Miller, Twig Branch,and Don Henry
Fish fry: Zoe. Branch and J J Mooney
Fish Fry attendees: J. J Mooney, Barbara and John Allbright, Jane and James Press
Fish Fry attendees: Judge Chauvin, Tommy Goode, Don and Judy Henry, Zoe and Twig Branch.

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