Oklahoma State Meet 2023

Gary Mathis, Don Reed, David Pickett, Paul Kruska, Michelle and R.J. Hudson, and Pete Henderson

Mary Kruska sent the photo of some Texas Cushman Club members who attended the Oklahoma State meet.

“We are constantly looking for new members just like TCC is, and as we transition through this change, our Texas and Oklahoma clubs are becoming more intertwined. I encourage our Oklahoma members to join TCC, and I invite our Texas friends to join the OCC.

Our dues are $15 a year. To join, there is an application for your convenience. And……………to the first 10 new members from Texas who send in their checks and tell Mike Estep that you read it in the Texas Cushman magazine, I will cover your dues for the first year!!!! Your check will be returned.” Paul Kruska quote from the 2023 February newsletter. There are still paid memberships to be claimed.

This is a PDF form that can be downloaded for your information.

One thought on “Oklahoma State Meet 2023

  1. I felt like I was leaving too early. I was right pineapple fried pie beat my breakfast. Live and learn. I second Mary K’s comment dual membership will help both clubs not to mention more chances to RIDE.


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