For sale by: Charles Roberson. TCC# 751

1950 to 1957 Black Cushman Custom Built Highlander 711-714 with 10″ tires and a  new 8 horse engine. This is a like new Bike with less than 1000 miles. Sold as is. Buyer responsible for shipping. Located in League City, Texas, 77573. 
Price $5000.00   Contact Charles 713.823.3002
1957 Maroon Cushman Eagle with a 18 horse engine V-Twin Vanguard. It has less than 1000 miles, lots of power with a Comet clutch. Sold as is. Buyer responsible for shipping. Located in League City, Texas 77573. This Bike is worth about $9500.00 but I am selling it for less. 
Price $8500.00  Contact Charles 713.823.3002

2019 State Meet

In a short while you will be receiving your newsletter with the State Meet information.

I have received 2 registrations already with the members printing the form from the website. ( See “2019 37th State Meet” tab on main menu for these forms)

Remember to get them mailed by October 1, 2019 for me to receive them before the meet. Early registration will allow me to print your name badges. After October 1, please bring them to the registration desk at Snyder. ( If you are unable to come to Snyder, please still use the registration form to send in an updated personal information form along with your annual dues of $30.00)

Here’s a preview of the patch. The Snyder Chamber of Commerce has a wonderful logo that we received permission to use on the Snyder patch. Jeanne Farquharson of Creative Graphic Solutions LLC in Abilene has been our source for embroidered patches for many years.

Chrysti Love, TCC State Secretary

Membership Dues

Please remember your annual dues are to be paid by October 12, 2019. The State Meet registration has a place to add your dues to the total when you fill out your Registration.

Check your printed Roster to make sure the information is correct.

Send $30.00 to:

Texas Cushman Club

c/o Chrysti Love

2120 County Road 24

Lamesa, TX 79331

$30.00 will keep you current and on our mailing lists.

Hope to see you in Snyder.

2019 July in Bastrop

As you know, the newsletter will have a complete write up but you will find the pictures here!

The crowd began to gather on Thursday, July 18, 2019. Hotels, campgrounds, and local homes showed the activity of “Cushmans  are Coming to Town”.

First meal: Cedars Mediterranean Grill in Bastrop. 23 people enjoyed the great food.


Friday morning began with donuts and coffee. There was a morning ride of 23 scooters through Tahitian Village, Bastrop State Park, and North Shore of Lake Bastrop. Debi Goode drove the chase vehicle this day and on Saturday.

Richard and Betty Kesselus hosted  the Friday night tradition of fish fry and onions rings brought together 35 people. Richard and JJ Mooney were hot and tired after frying all that fish! Thanks to Judge Chauvin for providing the fish.

Ben Sargent

Ben Sargent

IMG_5959 2

John Allbright, Geoff Conner, JJ Mooney, Pat Goode, Tommy Goode, Debi Goode, and Barbara McKenzie ( Her husband was Brooks McKenzie and they were members who joined in 2002)


Raymond and Chrysti Love, Ginger and Larry Freeze


Judge Chauvin, James Press, Ann Reed, and Gene Sargent


Gene Perry, Ted Grisham, and Don Paige


Cynthia and Forrest Blaylock

IMG_5958 2

Betty Kesselus


Brett Lindsey


Jack Hadlock, David and Sharon Auvenshine


Jane Press, Jack Miller, Grant Rhoads, Don Reed, Twig and Zoe Branch, Paul Kruska

IMG_5961 2

Barbara and John Allbright

Saturday shots of members:


Gene Sargent, Ginger Freeze, Jane Press, and Chrysti Love


Grant Rhoads, Don Reed, and Paul Kruska


Ted Grisham, Twig Branch, David Auvenshine, Don Paige, Jack Hadlock



Mike Johnson, Tommy Goode, Forrest Blaylock, and Gene Perry


Jerry Krenek


JJ Mooney cleaned up and ready to ride


Pat Goode and Don Paige


Gene Sargent, James Press, and Richard Kesselus


Richard Kesselus, Dan Laake, and Jack Miller


Ben and Gene Sargent, James Press


Jerry Krenek and Dan Laake


Debi Goode, Mike Johnson, and  Ted Grisham


Richard Kesselus giving ride instruction and destinations.


19 Saturday riders ready to travel.

Saturday riders 19

To Rockne and Red Rock with a lunch stop at El Borrego de Oro.



An ice cream stop and then back home:


As with all good times, there comes the good-bye until next time.

Thank you Richard and Betty Kesselus for hosting the Central Texas Meet.

Richard K


Central Texas Meet information

 Central Texas Meet 2019
Another great time with NO rain ( hopefully)
Thursday July 18 
Early arrival after 12 noon
           Meet and Greet all afternoon and then go to Mediterranean Grill for supper together at 6:30 PM
Friday July 19
7:30 Coffee and Donuts Richards Fish Kitchen
            9:00 AM  Ride leaves 30-35 MPH roughly 45 miles Return by noon Lunch on your own and several local activities including large Corvette show in town.
            3;00 PM Board Meeting Richard’s House
            6:30 Fish Fry and Visit
Saturday July 20 
7:30 Coffee and Donuts
             9:00 AM Ride leaves,  Lunch on the Road Dutch Treat, Return through the Lost Pines,  See the burn and regrowth. 
             For those staying we can visit and tell lyes and then decide where to go eat together.
Sunday  July 21 
              Breakfast together , Ride or Drive  Meet over, Sad time to see all depart

John Waudby – 1987 Truckster For Sale

For Sale:
1987 Cushman Truckster, has good 22 HP OMC Eng. 3 speed manual trans with reverse. New battery, tires, alternator, starter, ign switch, brakes & brake light switch. New top, upholstery & paint. Recently serviced. Has head, tail, brake, signal lights & 4 way flashers. Horn & emergency brake. A very good solid rust free Truckster. Starts, runs & handles great. $3,185.00

John Waudby TCC Member 3049

479-273-3237 or 479-531-0262



37th State Meet Info

Here’s the latest on the 37th State Meet.

October 9 (early birds dinner),

October 10-12 official meet days.

 Snyder, Texas

IMG_6064 2

Raymond and Chrysti Love and Gene and Ben Sargent visited Snyder last week. The 37th State Meet is planned and being finalized.

The Snyder Chamber of Commerce was the first stop. The Chamber is looking forward to supporting us again. You will be seeing their logo on our patches and registration form.

2019 Snyder CoC

Next stop was The Coliseum. Darla Wiggins and Stormy Nachlinger had all our information in hand. Again, another big welcome!


We have selected Best Western Snyder Inn as our host hotel. Rooms are $60.00 plus tax per night. Please call 325-574-2200 and mention Texas Cushman Club when you make your reservations.

They have a “No Pets” policy. If you need a pet-friendly hotel, Motel 6 and Purple Sage both accept pets.


The Registration Form will be released soon. You can find a PDF file under the “2019 State Meet” Tab when it is available. All the latest information will be posted on that tab.

All State Meet information will be in the July newsletter.

IMG_6073 2

Richard Miner’s Accident

As Webmaster, I have not been inclined to post health posts about our members. I care, it is just personal information I don’t think belongs here.

But this accident happened at the National Meet and so many have been concerned that I am posting this. I used Sue Miner’s info from her texts.

On Thursday (June 13, 20190 of the National Meet in Paris, TX Richard Miner had a bad scooter accident. He was Air Flighted to Medical City Burn and Trauma Center in Plano.

On Saturday, he had the first surgery to do skin grafts on the road rash he suffered. There were ribs and a collar bone broken with a multitude of road rash areas. Due to the skin grafting,  the risk of infection was very high plus a risk for pneumonia due to the broken ribs.

On Monday, he was moved by ambulance to Memorial Herman, Houston. On Tuesday, Richard had another surgery to clean up more of the road rash but no new skin grafts.

On Wednesday, he was moved out of ICU. This morning, Saturday, June 21,

Sue sent a message that Richard had a “good day”. Sue thinks they have found a pain medication that is the best for him. He has a 24 hour nurse with him.

Please send your cards to this address: 37 Champion Villa Dr., Houston, TX 77069. They need your encouragement and prayers.


Richard and Sue Miner with Brent Landry October 20, 2018 at Sulphur Springs