Brett Lindsey, TCC# 1365 Has passed

Brett Lindsey joined the TCC in 2002. He will be missed by his friends in the Central Texas Club. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Brett Stuart Lindsey

June 11, 1971 – October 11, 2021

18,385 days. That’s how long Brett had on this Earth. That’s not the way one typically looks at life spans, but Brett was not a typical person. He’s someone who’d probably get a kick out of calculating his life in days, or even hours (441,240), or even minutes (26,474,440), or even seconds (1,588,464,400).

Life did not deal Brett the easiest of hands. He battled several surgeries from grade school through high school that took a toll on his health. But he always faced hurdles head on. He marched to the beat of his own drum, and didn’t feel any particular need to fit in with a crowd or follow the well worn path. But he did follow his heart, finding happiness in so many things big and small.  His belief in God and his desire for Heaven never waivered.  He was a kind and gentle son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew and friend.

A focused soul: He patiently tinkered with motors, meticulously fixed leaky faucets, and painstakingly kept at a task until it met his exacting standards. He would even tear the whole item apart just to start over again due to one slight imperfection. Not only was he mechanically inclined, but he also had the knack as a kid of always being the first to find an Easter egg in the annual hunt at Nana and Jack’s (his Grandparents in Hallettsville)! As an adult, this joy was replayed by hiding the eggs for his niece and nephews in some of the most creative places.

A kind soul: He loved animals and friends dearly—never hunting or playing sports himself, but listening endlessly about stories of each. Never holding a grudge, he was loyal, open hearted, and kind to a fault.

A reminiscent soul: His mind held details like no other. And he held particularly tight to memories, easily remembering a funny story from 30 years ago, yet not bothering to retain what happened just yesterday.

A discerning soul: He loved an occasion to dine on cuisines of culture: Indian, Tai, Japanese…. were some of his favorites, never wanting the same thing twice nor tolerating a horrid leftover.  And don’t dare ruin any food with the foul onion.  For Brett, nothing could ruin a meal faster than the faint smell or taste of an onion.  Sauerkraut, kolaches, and many other Central Texas staples were cherished and had a lifetime of celebrations that went with those foods.

A local soul: Brett loved Bastrop. He kept tabs on all things Bastrop County—from the latest round of gossip, to little-known trivia and lore, to the foundational histories of the county’s people and its buildings. He judged car shows with the fairest and most objective perspective on the panel. He enjoyed the yearly Homecoming and Christmas parade, often riding his 1958 Cushman Scooter with the Scooter club and friends.   He valued only the best music (rest assured nothing from the modern era made his playlist).

An old soul: A deep thinker; a soft speaker. Brett found comfort in a family game of Yahtzee or the Lindsey’s favorite card game—Hell !  He loved a good old-fashioned television show, especially one where families stuck together and worked problems out. Happy Endings were a theme for Brett’s TV Guide: The Waltons never disappointed.

Goodnight, Brett-boy.

Until we meet again.

Brett is survived by his parents Ronald L. Lindsey and Catherine Lindsey of Bastrop; his sister Carmen Lindsey Klaerner; his brother-in-law Bryan Klaerner; his brother Eric Lindsey; his sister-in-law Tanya Lindsey; Nephews Carson Klaerner, Mason Lindsey, and his only niece, Karlie Grace Klaerner.

A visitation will be held at Providence Funeral Home, 2079 Hwy 71 in Bastrop, TX.

November 13, 2021 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

A reception will follow at the home of Eric Lindsey.

Please join us in celebrating the life of Brett Lindsey.

Abilene State Meet RV site’s information

Here is the information about the camping at the Expo Center. We will enter at GATE 5 off the southbound access road to Loop 322. RV parking is to the left. Trailer parking will be to the right. Free for trailers as long as they are NOT plugged in. Trailer parking sites 401-413 and 442-455.

The cost for RV sites is $25.00 and they are water, electric, and sewer. Use this special price and enjoy because without sewer is $25.00

The Expo Center will block all rv sites that aren’t full hookups. RV spots 464-468 and 501-508 are 50 amp fulls, 509-553 are 30 amp full. You can park and pay when you arrive if you don’t want to reserve a place.To reserve and pay on-line:When you click on the link, you will open the Select Event page. The 2021 Texas Cushman RV Hookup is your line. Go to “PURCHASE” and you see the map. Our building is “Capital Farm Display Building” and it is not on this map. It is located between the “Guitar Arena” and sites 225-217.TOUCH the area where you want to stay and the “Seating Chart legend” will allow you to select your camping site and lead you to the credit card page. ( I think Raymond had to set up a Log in Account). $25 per night, but the Expo Center has set up the prices as follows:

Site map that can be seen better from the Website

Rochelle Johnson

General Manager. 325-795-6706

Expo Center 325-667-4326

Leaky Ride September 2021

Gene Perry organized another great “riding, eating, and visiting” trip. The complete write up will be in the State magazine. This is a teaser from Chrysti Love. With pictures from Mary Kruska.( thanks, Mary!)

The Bent Rim was a great cafe plus we has shade to visit under.

Thursday was the day of arrival. By afternoon we took off with 12 scooters riding “ The Baby Sister 1” ride into Utopia where we had dinner at the Lost Maple Cafe.

Utopia, Tx -Gene Perry, Paul Kruska, Forrest Blaylock, Don Reed, Joe Faltinek, David Pickett, Zoe and Twig Branch, James and Jane Press, and Jack Miller. James Perry and Richard Kesselus were riders but not caught in this picture.
Left to right: Paul Kruska, Gene Perry, Don Reed, Forrest Blaylock

Friday 12 scooters rode the 3 Twisted Sisters for a total of 91 miles.

Camp Wood, Tx – Don Henry, Forrest Blaylock, Gene Perry, Paul Kruska (kneeling), David Pickett, Jane and James Press, Zoe and Twig Branch, Barbara and John Allbright, Richard and Betty Kesselus, and Don Reed

So you will understand the names of the rides:

Thanks to James and Jane Press for the map.

Dinner that night was at Mill Creek Cafe in Leaky.

Saturday morning, several additional riders came to enjoy the morning. 16 scooters drove 91 miles doing the Twisted Sisters clockwise. The on- coming traffic was busy but the group had a great, clear road.

Jack Miller
Zoe Branch
Don Henry
James and Jane Press
Gene Perry
Don Paige
Paul Kruska
Don Reed
Joe Faltinek
David Pickett
Ted Grisham
Ray Powers
Forrest Blaylock
Saturday’s lunch was at the Bent Rim.

Saturday’s dinner was at Mama Choles in Leaky.

Every meal was great food and service.

Here’s all the people who were there: John and Barbara Allbright, Twig and Zoe Branch, Forrest Blaylock, Joe and Joyce Faltinek, Larry and Ginger Freeze, Ted Grisham, Don Henry, Richard and Betty Kesselus, Paul and Mary Kruska, Raymond and Chrysti Love, Jack Miller,Don Paige, Gene Perry (organizer), James Perry, David and Karen Pickett, Ray Powers, James and Jane Press, and Don and Ann Reed.

On Sunday morning as Raymond and I were leaving Leaky, we meet 5 scooters coming into Leaky. I think it was Gene Perry, Forrest Blaylock, Don Reed, David Pickett, and Paul Kruska.

What a great trip! Thanks to Gene and James Perry who with their sons visited and made the plans.

Sign Up, Shine Up, and Show Off!

Hello Everyone! These are the Trophies that will be available to win at this years State meet in Abilene. Bring your bikes out to enter. The meet starts on Oct. 11 thru Oct. 16. We’ll see you in Abilene.

Tommy Goode

2021 Trophies for Texas Cushman State Show Scooters
Prepared and ready for YOU to win!

See the registration sheet for entering early or sign up at the registration desk when you arrive at the meet.

State Meet 2021 with a Treat

Texas Cushman State Meet
I am happy to report that there are NO PLANS TO CANCEL.
So, make your plans now get you registration completed and mailed right away. The form can be found on the Texas Cushman Club Inc web site. Remember the deadline for T shirt orders is a September 23rd Post Mark. Registration will get you a printed name tag and fast registration package pick with little or no waiting lines. The banquet will again be a juicy Rib Eye stake cooked on site.
We will be taking the Covid 19 virus seriously. Social Distancing will be practiced, the Display Building that we are using is large enough to spread everything out.

Taylor County and the surrounding counties have not shut down since this virus started and there are no plans form the County or City to do so at this time. But just in case we will refund all registrations and mail the T-shirts in the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel. Abilene is anxiously waiting our arrival as they really enjoyed our past visits. Don Page and Don Henry have great rides planned. We will have the pleasure of a sit down presentation on the Texas Cushman Club Inc history from Club member #1, Randolph Garner Wednesday evening. Get your registration in now. Look forward to seeing everyone, it’s been too long. Richard Kesselus, State President

Title page from Garner’s self published collection of Texas Cushman Newsletters.
Randolph Garner and Ben Sargent 2014 Brenham, Tx

Randolph Garner is TCC member #1. He attended the state meet in Brenham in 2014. There are some scans of his newsletters under the website tab of “Club History”. Our charter members had a great vision for our club. We look forward to seeing Randolph Garner speak on Wednesday evening. The time will be listed on the printed schedule in the registration packet.

West Texas Fair Parade Sept. 2021

     For the past 40 plus years, members of the Texas Cushman Club have participated in West Texas Fair Parade that marks the beginning of the West Texas Fair and Rodeo in Abilene, Tx.

    This year the following members participated:  Don & Judy Henry, Barton

Bergoon, Ted Grisham, Tommy Blackmon, Roy Stanley, new member Craig Bellis

and Don Paige. 

      Following the parade, all met at Sharon’s Barbeque for lunch and were joined by Gloria Henslee and Beth Doan.  Afterward, Don, Ted, Roy, Craig and Don Paige went on a 40+ mile country ride  led by Don Henry and followed by Judy Henry and Joellen Stanley. 

     It was great to see Roy Stanley back in the saddle after a long layoff and have new member Craig Bellis join us from the metroplex area. 

Thank to Don Paige for this report.

No new pictures but here are some past years:

Leaky, Tx September 23-26, 2021

Twisted Sister Ride

Leakey Texas

Arrive 9-23 depart 9-26

Rides will be on Friday. Saturday, and Sunday morning.


Please call 830-232-6686 to make your reservation. Mention the Cushman group if you want to be parked close to the group.

The camp ground has a pavilion where we can meet and visit. Bring your own drinks and Chrysti can put it into her camper refrigerator. (Also Chrysti plans to bring chocolate chip cookies.)

On your trip down, I would advise you not to drive on 337 from Vanderpool to Leakey in a RV. Your brakes won’t be very happy-dangerious curves and up and downs. Great for scooter riding!


The Historic Leakey Inn

527 S Hwy 83

Leakey Texas, 78873

There is not much shopping in this area. Lots of people come to play in the clean, clear, cool Frio river. We might join them one afternoon.

We have 10 rooms reserved. Google, then property search, and 3 pages of their rooms/ cabins will appear. Decide which one you would like to reserve and call 830-486-6007 to make reservation. You will probably go to voicemail. Leave a message including that you are part of the Texas Cushman Club group arriving on Sept 23 and departing Sept 26. Dallas, the owner, will call you back a little later. Sometimes it takes her awhile, but she will call back. Please don’t use the online reservation tool. While you are on the website, click on policies at the top of the page and read cancellation policy. This area is so busy that everyone has strict cancellation policies. I made my reservations today. I recommend you do the same. 98% of the rental properties in this area are on the Frio river. Nightly rates can get to $200 very quickly.

No pot luck is planned since Gene has arranged dining plans with several restaurants. We NEVER go hungry when we have our times together.

Gene Perry


Sept. 13, 2021

Hello Cushman Folks!
A little info:

The Old Leakey Inn is .2 mile South of 337 on 83.
For those who have been asking about riding on Thursday afternoon, we can do 60 miles starting about 3:00. It’s a very good ride.
I will be there before noon on Thursday morning. My cell is 972-768-1081, but cell service is very spotty in that part of Texas. Real county is very large, but population is only about 3000. Leakey population is about 400.
See you there!

See you there!

The Patches are ready! Are you?

The Patches are ready!

The 39th State Meet will begin Oct. 11 in Abilene, Tx.

Please send your registration by Sept. 23 if you want to order a t-shirt. Also, preregistration will guarantee a PRINTED, personalized name tag.

IF you are not planning on attending, you need to send in your dues to Chrysti Love by Oct. 16 to remain a member of this great club of an exciting hobby – Cushman scooters- and the best people who are instant friends when they learn you can talk “scooter”.