Central Texas Ride May 2022

Be getting ready for a wonderful weekend with the Texas Cushman Club at Bastrop. Richard Kesselus has plans to entertain and feed you. Probably almost more than you can endure! Here’s his FaceBook post with the schedule.

Richards Facebook post

Enjoy the onion rings and friendship.

Richard in July 2019.

Possum Kingdom is Next Week April 8-9, 2022

Information from the Calendar of Events: April 8-9, 2022 Gene Perry is inviting us to come to the beautiful lake country. Rides are planned for Friday and Saturday leaving around 9:30. Campground is (same)Willow Beach RV Park, 1239 Willow Beach Road, Grayford Tx.(PK is actually Grayford). 940-779-2514. Make your reservation starting Wed, Feb. 23, with the new owner – Danny. Tell them you are a part of the Gene Perry, Texas Cushman Club group. I have reserved 10 spaces. I will need to know who is coming and if you need 30-50 amp. Motel is also the same: Hideaway Inn, intersection Park Road 36 and FM 2951. Check in is at 1782 FM2951. Call Lynn 940-779-2333 for questions. She is holding 10 rooms @ $125.00 You will need to make your own reservation. No cancellation penalty if canceled 3 days prior to arrival. In on April 7, out on April 10. Contact Gene Perry (972) 768-1081 for additional information.

Group from last Possum Kingdom event

As of March 31, there was only one room left at the motel. And the weather looks agreeable! Make a plan to come and enjoy Gene Perry’s work of creating a great time riding and eating and visiting with the Texas Cushman bunch.

2022 March Carmine Ride or Press’s Polar Extravaganza

Saturday’s riders: Frank Turbeville, Richard Kesselus, Paul Kruska, David Pickett, J.J. Mooney, and James Press

Paul Kruska labeled this year as “ Press’s Polar Extravaganza “ which was a very appropriate title. It turned cold enough the guys would choose a temperature when they would start the ride.

Saturday’s forecast
James and Jane Press preparing breakfast in their Pecan Grove Inn guests
Karen Pickett with Paul and Mary Kruska getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar
Friday’s riders James Press, Larry Freeze, Paul Kruska, Frank Turbeville, and David Pickett

On Friday, 5 scooters took off with intentions of enjoying the ride. The men came prepared for cold weather and it was a good thing. They came back chilled but pleased with their ride. By traveling back roads, they traveled to Burton and saw the cotton gin with a bonus of a cotton ginner who is only 1 of 3 skilled men who can start up the 1925 Bessemer Type IV diesel oil engine. Then into Brenham for lunch at Smitty’s. Home was another tour by backroads through Burton and into Carmine.

The ladies enjoyed a warm ride into Brenham with shopping and lunch at Must Be Heaven.

After more visiting during the afternoon we all enjoyed dinner at Los Patrones Mexican Grill in Giddings.

Jerry Krenek and Raymond Love followed in the chase vehicle.

On Saturday morning, the Board of Director’s meeting was held to make plans for the state meet which will be in Paris, Sept. 28- Oct 1. Unable to attend were Twig Branch and Ben Sargent. We missed them.

Ginger Freeze, James and Jane Press setting out breakfast for the Carmine visitors.
Breakfast was enjoyed by 16 people.

6 scooter riders made a plan: when it gets above 40 degrees they would ride. The ride began at 10:30. This time the weather really did begin to warm. Jerry Krenek provided the chase vehicle. Again on backroads they traveled through Shelby and Nelsonville on their way to Bellville. They attended an antique car show in Belleville. A reserved parking area welcomed them. After enjoying the classic cars, lunch was eaten at Kenney’s Store in Kenney, Tx.

After lunch the riders toured Tommy Traylor’s shop in Bellville. He impressed them with his vast array of tools and his current project which is a dragon gate. A wonderful story which will be in the next newsletter.

They stayed until almost dark then hightailed it home just before dark. The group chose to eat at J.W.’s in Carmine for dinner. We ate there on Thursday night and knew we would get another great meal.

While the scooters were out, another group headed to La Grange for the Quilt Museum and lunch. Raymond Love and Larry Freeze kept each other company while the ladies toured the quilt museum ( and then slipped next door to the quilt shop).

Jane Press, Karen Pickett, Ginger Freeze, Mary Kruska
Karen Pickett, Jane Press, Chrysti Love, Ginger Freeze, and Mary Kruska

20 people showed up for this first event of 2022. James and Jane Press, Paul and Mary Kruska, David and Karen Pickett, Raymond and Chrysti Love, Larry and Ginger Freeze, Frank Turbeville, Jerry Krenek, Richard Kesselus, JJ Mooney, Tommy and Debi Goode, Jack and Emma Miller, and Don and Debbie Ledbetter.

A full report will be in the next newsletter which you will receive if you are a current member of the Texas Cushman Club.

First Ride of 2022

Hip!!! Hip!!! Hurrah! !!!!

Time for the riding to begin. James and Jane Press have plans for the Carmine Ride to happen. The weather may be a little cool but I don’t see rain in the forecast.

The following is a copy of the information from the Calendar of Events.

March 11 & 12, 2022–15th Annual Carmine Ride–Carmine, TX. Come join us in Carmine, Texas (about 20 miles west of Brenham on US 290) this spring! Here’s what we have planned: The rides start at 9:30 from the Pecan Grove Inn parking lot on both Friday and Saturday mornings, so those coming from a distance need to arrive on the 10th to make the 9:30 AM start time on the 11th. The meet will be at the Pecan Grove Inn B & B, 233 Augsburg Street in Carmine, www.pecangroveinn.com. We (yes, that’s my wife and I) have six rooms. Call James or Jane Press at (281) 433-8845 to book or for further information.

Jane and James Press

“Looking forward to a great time!

February 2022 Newsletter

At the San Angelo post office this morning

I hope you will enjoy this newsletter. It was created with Gene Perry’s help. Again he has been a great teacher. Since this was my first, I enjoyed the process. Each article was received in a timely manner and I think it will be something good to read on these cold February days.

If you are reminded of your own story, please get it written and to me for the next publication. I have one on Raymond for the next time. Plus that issue will include the State meet registration page and information.

I’ll end with the plea of every editor: “ send me your articles”.

Chrysti Love, Editor

2021 39th State Meet Magazine

As the new Editor, I have been excited for the magazine to be printed. I have not done it all by myself like previous editors. Gene Perry taught, helped, and created about half of this magazine. I have been blessed by his help and we had the draft to the publisher on November 8. Gene wanted me to “ be successful “. The box of printed magazines was received by Gene yesterday and they were in the mail by 4:45.

Just a teaser of the front page

Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!

Chrysti Love, TCC Editor

Ken Rawlings #411 has passed

Ken Rawlings (in yellow box) Photo taken during Possum Kingdom ride -June 2018

On Monday, December 20, 2021 Kenneth James Rawlings passed away. He was 79 years old.

I have not found an obituary but have received word there will be no service.

Ken served as on the Board of Directors 2015-16. In several of the magazines it was reported that he served as Wagon Master at the state meets. These last years he would drive the chase vehicle and enjoy the rides through the windshield.

Our condolences to Gina and his family. He was a true friend and will be missed.

I will post a link if I find any information.

2021 Concho Valley Christmas Party

On December 11, 2021, Saturday 2:00-5:00, the Concho Cushman Club had their Christmas party at Ben and Gene Sargent’s home in Carlsbad, Tx.

After a time of sharing snacks and finger foods with lots of visiting, the 13 people gathered in the living room to have a Chinese gift exchange of Christmas ornaments. Martin Stafford’s horseshoe decorations, Raymond Love’s Cushman Eagle ornaments, and Joellen Stanley’s hand painted ornament were all traded the maximum of 3 times. No one was disappointed since all the ornaments were all top notch.

Joellen and Roy Stanley, Armando and Margaret Trevino, Gene Sargent, Carolyn Turner, Nancy and Lee Bennett, Jane and Martin Stafford
Jane and Martin Stafford, Ben Sargent, Raymond Love
Armando and Margaret Trevino, Chrysti Love, Gene Sargent, Carolyn Turner, Nancy Bennett

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!!! From the Concho Valley club.