Leaky, Tx September 23-26, 2021

Twisted Sister Ride

Leakey Texas

Arrive 9-23 depart 9-26

Rides will be on Friday. Saturday, and Sunday morning.


Please call 830-232-6686 to make your reservation. Mention the Cushman group if you want to be parked close to the group.

The camp ground has a pavilion where we can meet and visit. Bring your own drinks and Chrysti can put it into her camper refrigerator. (Also Chrysti plans to bring chocolate chip cookies.)

On your trip down, I would advise you not to drive on 337 from Vanderpool to Leakey in a RV. Your brakes won’t be very happy-dangerious curves and up and downs. Great for scooter riding!


The Historic Leakey Inn

527 S Hwy 83

Leakey Texas, 78873

There is not much shopping in this area. Lots of people come to play in the clean, clear, cool Frio river. We might join them one afternoon.

We have 10 rooms reserved. Google https://leakeyinn.com, then property search, and 3 pages of their rooms/ cabins will appear. Decide which one you would like to reserve and call 830-486-6007 to make reservation. You will probably go to voicemail. Leave a message including that you are part of the Texas Cushman Club group arriving on Sept 23 and departing Sept 26. Dallas, the owner, will call you back a little later. Sometimes it takes her awhile, but she will call back. Please don’t use the online reservation tool. While you are on the website, click on policies at the top of the page and read cancellation policy. This area is so busy that everyone has strict cancellation policies. I made my reservations today. I recommend you do the same. 98% of the rental properties in this area are on the Frio river. Nightly rates can get to $200 very quickly.

No pot luck is planned since Gene has arranged dining plans with several restaurants. We NEVER go hungry when we have our times together.

Gene Perry


Sept. 13, 2021

Hello Cushman Folks!
A little info:

The Old Leakey Inn is .2 mile South of 337 on 83.
For those who have been asking about riding on Thursday afternoon, we can do 60 miles starting about 3:00. It’s a very good ride.
I will be there before noon on Thursday morning. My cell is 972-768-1081, but cell service is very spotty in that part of Texas. Real county is very large, but population is only about 3000. Leakey population is about 400.
See you there!

See you there!

The Patches are ready! Are you?

The Patches are ready!

The 39th State Meet will begin Oct. 11 in Abilene, Tx.

Please send your registration by Sept. 23 if you want to order a t-shirt. Also, preregistration will guarantee a PRINTED, personalized name tag.

IF you are not planning on attending, you need to send in your dues to Chrysti Love by Oct. 16 to remain a member of this great club of an exciting hobby – Cushman scooters- and the best people who are instant friends when they learn you can talk “scooter”.

Ross Murphy, TCC #143 has Passed

On August 24, 2021, Ross Murphy died of complications of CoVid. He spent his last days in a separate room in the same hospital as his loved wife, Barbara Stapleton Murphy. Barbara is still recovering from her bout with CoVid.

(I will add a link to his obituary when it has been published.)

According to Ross’s Face Book page: he was born on July 25, 1947. Ross married Barbara on December 16, 1966. They had 2 daughters, Jackie Gregston and Tracy Hicks.

Ross Murphy at Paris Tx

Ross and Barbara joined in 1986. He began to be instrumental in the business of “just a little scooter club” in 1992 when he became an Area Director. From there, he served as President 1992-96. There were state meets in Cleburne, Marshall, and Sequin under his leadership. The club by-laws were drafted and voted into place on June 5, 1993.

In 1994 he was awarded the Founder’s Award. He served on the Board of Directors 1998-2001. 2004 and 2014 he took the job of Webmaster.

He served as the President of Cushman Club of America 2014-16.

Personal note from Chrysti Love: There have been so many friends who have posted sweet memories on Face Book. Raymond and I meet Ross and Barbara at the Draw, Tx ride in 1994. We were just getting started, and friendly people like them, drew us into the fun of the TCC. We joined in 1995. Not many people knew the area where I grew up – Lehman, Tx. But Ross had worked at the gas plant and he was glad to share memories of the shinnery and sand. Ross and Raymond spent many good times together. Ross rode with Raymond in our antique car during a Paris car show. We will all miss his positive attitude and smiling face. Our condolences to the family.

Enjoy the Journey!

More info for New Parts at 39th State Meet

NEW PARTS at the Texas State Meet

The Texas State meet is just around the corner so here is a little information you should know about new parts variability at the Meet. You may have seen the Post about Arcadia Parts. Here is what has happened. Due to the Late Schedule for the South East Cushman Club right on top of us we will not have either of the major Cushman Vendors at our meet. Their location in Tennessee is right in the back door of both Arcadia and B&B. So, I cannot blame them for going there instead of coming to out meet. So here is the latest on New Parts. Steve at Arcadia has worked out a deal with Tommy Goode and Steve will ship the most often asked for parts to Tommy who has agreed to add that to his own parts and have them available at the Meet. Yes, we will have new parts available and if there is something that you want let me know and I will pass the information along. I am not privy to the deal between Steve and Tommy but will pass the information along to them. It will be best to make the request by email but again to not confuse the situation just let me know and I will pass the information along.

If you watch the factbook sites the California Club has rescheduled there meet at the same time as our meet. Just to VENT some it is too bad that the leadership of all the various clubs can’t work together to space things out to make all the meets available to everyone from anywhere.Looking forward to seeing everyone in Abilene. Watch for more information as we get closer to October

Richard Kesselus, TCC President

Abilene, Here’s More Plans!

I have learned the club does not have rooms blocked for the state meet. The following is our information. But we do not have a signed contract with any hotels. The Abilene Convention and Visitor Bureau had sent this list. These hotels are across town from the Expo Center.

Now for even more:


Tommy Goode will be conducting tables for Steve Lorenz of Arcadia Cushman. This is important news. Come with your list and buy to support your habit!

Please get your registration to Chrysti ASAP. Mail NO LATER than Oct. 1 so she will receive it. Early registration will also include a printed name badge provided by Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Also, remember to renew your membership by October 16 to receive the State Meet full-color magazine.

39th State Meet Highlander Honeys Luncheon

The Highlander Honeys welcome the Cushman Ladies to the Texas Cushman Club State Meet.

The Highlander Honey’s invite you, along with other ladies of the Texas Cushman Club, for lunch for Food, Fun and Fellowship. The lunch is scheduled for October 14, Thursday of the Texas State Cushman Meet. The Hickory Street Cafe 644 Hickory St., Abilene was been reserved for us.

Please signup for the lunch at the official meet registration table. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Zoe Branch, Pres.

Ladies at National Meet this year
Location of the Luncheon in Abilene, Tx

2021 39th State meet

“ Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town that I’ve ever seen”

Last week I received the first registration for the state meet. Thanks, Tommy and Debi Goode! This weekend I had 15 more! I am excited!

Registrations are being sent. If you include an email address, I will notify you when I receive your registration.

Last year’s meet was cancelled but we had already had the patches made. To complete your collection of patches I will have 2020 patches for sell at the registration tables for $5.00. They have been altered and I hope you will get pleasure from the big “X” across the face of the patch.

IF you aren’t coming to the State meet, it is still time to renew your membership by Oct. 16 if you want to receive the colored magazine from the 39th State Meet.

2020 Patches for sale at the meet

See you in Abilene, Chrysti Love, State Secretary