Water Valley 2021

The Concho Valley club hosted their annual “Ride to Eat” event April 8-11. We had 28 people who spent part of their days enjoying a great time together.

Thursday the people gathered at Harper Campground in Water Valley. Martin and Jane Stafford, Larry Rose, and Gloria Henslee came in for the day. Pete and Sharon Henderson, Gary and Betty Mathis, James and Jane Press, Don and Judy Henry, James Perry, Gene Perry, Joe and Joyce Faltinek, Ben and Gene Sargent, Tyler and Jennifer Johnson and their 2 children, Les and Carolyn,and Raymond and Chrysti Love were all thrilled to be together.

On Thursday night, 15 people enjoyed dinner together at Los Panchitos in San Angelo

On Friday morning we met at Ramos Cafe in Carlsbad for breakfast and to get ready to ride.

Raymond Love at the cafe door.

9 scooters were followed by the chase vehicle driven by Ben Sargent.

Teal shirt: Tyler Johnson, lead scooter

The scooters roamed around the Grape Creek area and back to Water Valley. After fueling, off we went over the Divide where we found bluebonnets in full bloom. Then into Sterling City for “lunch”. ( a nutritional way to save face about an ice cream stop).

Tyler on yellow scooter, then Don Henry, white shirt ( with his 6 week old knee replacement), James Perry, James Press, and Gene Perry behind.
Tyler Johnson,Gene Perry, James Press,Pete Henderson, James Perry, and Joe Faltinek.

Friday night Ben and Gene Sargent hosted a pot luck meal on their patio in Carlsbad . Roy and Jo Ellen Stanley joined us.

Gene Sargent in gray Cushman shirt
Pete Henderson, Gene Perry, James Press, James Perry, Joe Faltinek
Saturday was cool and great riding.

Saturday morning 7 scooters lead by James Press headed back over the Divide, through Robert Lee, and to Bronte for lunch at Rangels. There were 20 at this meal.

Don Henry, Les Turner, Lee and Nancy Bennett
Raymond Love, Jane and James Press, Don and Judy
Henry, Carolyn and Les Turner
Carolyn and Les Turner, Lee and Nancy Bennett, Raymond and Chrysti Love
Judy Henry, Sharon and Pete Henderson, Gary and Betty Mathis, James Perry, Gene Perry, Armando and Margaret Trevino, Joe and Joyce Faltinek

At Rangels we were met by more local members Nancy and Lee Bennett , Les and Carolyn Turner,and Margaret and Armando Trevino.

Scooters in front of Rangels in Bronte.
James and Jane Press
James Perry
Joe Faltinek
Pete Henderson
Gary Mathis
Just a great place to take a picture of a scooter. Looking down the Divide between Water Valley and Robert Lee. (James Press-owner)
Gene Perry with his scooter

Pot luck was enjoyed again at the Sargent’s patio.

Carolyn Turner, Armando Trevino, and Roy Stanley
Chrysti Love getting glasses filled with ice.
This was good weather and pleasant company.

Thanks to everyone for coming and taking part.

Thanks to:

Gary Mathis and Chrysti Love for the pictures.

Tyler Johnson and James Press for leading the rides.

Ben Sargent and Raymond Love for driving chase vehicles.

Ben and Gene Sargent for sharing their patio for the meals.

Tyler and Jennifer Johnson for breakfast on Sunday morning.

It was GREAT!