July, Aug, & Sept. 2017 Newsletter

I received my newsletter today! Hurray!

My announcement is:  We are “Calendar Challenged”

The  Registration  page Year shows “2016” , sorry but it really is “2017”. All information is correct including the Oct. 12-14 date.  Just fill it out and mail it to me! (Feel free to mark out the year and write in 2017. )

The Schedule shows Oct. 19-22, 2016 for the dates. The Vendor setup and Early bird dinner will begin our meet on  OCT. 11,  2017.  NOT OCT. 19, 2016.

There is a correct schedule on the State Meet tab if you want to print a correct one. There will be a copy in your registration packet.


Updated Information

The newsletter is being printed at this time. The State Meet information will be the main part of the newsletter. Come to Snyder for some good Texas hospitality.

The “35th ANNUAL STATE MEET – SNYDER- OCT.12-14, 2017” tab on the main menu has the pdf file links where you can download the registration form and the schedule of state meet events.

Coliseum floorEccomonic boardMarket

Another ride is being developed for Nov. 10 and 11, 2017. The location is Alpine and rides into the Big Bend area are being planned. This is Veterans Day week-end. The complete info will be on this blog and entered into the calendar events when Don Henry gets it ready.

Thanks and ride safely. Chrysti Love, TCC secretary


Santa Fe, July 2017

Don Henry, Dave and Melinda Davenport, and Jerry and Lou Ann Jordan provided safe rides and interesting venues. Thank you so much for the great time we had in Santa Fe. There were over 50 people from New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Colorado.


Thursday’s ride was to Madrid, NM. This small mining town had so many artists and shops. The group had lunch at the Mine Shaft Tavern.

Friday was a day with no scheduled rides. So the guys made their own plans and rode to the Ski lift area and the afternoon ride was to the south of Santa Fe.


Saturday began with the safety meeting lead by Dave and Melinda Davenport. The following pictures are people in the parking lot.

IMG_5164IMG_5161Faultnik and HendersonPerrys and SmithSmith and LoveTexas ladiesIMG_5067

LouAnn Jordan

The Saturday ride was to Las Golondrinas for the Viva Mexico! Fiesta.

IMG_2023StaffordsDon HenryTrevinoTacosViva Mexico




A BIG thank you to Margaret Trevino, Gene Perry, and Pete Henderson for the extra photos.