Founder’s Award

“The Founder’s Award will be presented each year by the President to one of our members who has given distinguished service to the Texas Cushman Club and who has made a distinct, impactful, and selfless contribution to our club over a period of several years. They have also demonstrated  and promoted the restoration and preservation of Cushman scooters. The President will counsel with previous recipients for potential nominees. This will be our most prestigious award given to an member. The President will make the final decision and select the winner, who will be announced at the Annual State Meet.”

2022 Founder’s Award was presented by President Larry Freeze to Phyllis Williams

2021 Founder’s Award in Memorium: Bill Beck, presented to his wife Belinda Beck

2020 Award winner: James Press

2019 Award winner: Raymond Love TCC # 839



2018 Award winner : Steve Lorenz

The 2017 Founder’s Award was given to Barbara Murphy.

The New Founder’s Award Board was seen for the first time. 2017


Original Board ending in 2013.

2013 Founder's Award

1988: Bill Benedict             Blueball, PA
Leon Jones                 Cleburne
Mike Jones                Athens
Ken Thiessen             Cleburne

1989: Jim Wadlow               Burleson
Curtis Nixon              Ft. Worth

1990: Bob Mutchie               Arlington
Gordon Snider            Abilene

1991: Dennis Carpenter      Charlotte, NC

1992: James Folkerts           Dalhart

1993: Jerry Johnson            Abilene

1994: Ross Murphy             Longview

1995: Jack Freeman             Argyle

1995 13th State Meet FOunders Award Jack Freeman

1997: Joe Bryan                    Tahoka

1997 Founder Award Joe Bryan

1998: Gail Brownlow          Mountain City

1998: Becky Brownlow      Mountain City

1998 Founder Award Brownlows.jpg

1999: Mike Johnson           New Braunfels

1999 Founder Mike Johnson

2000: Butch Tolbert           Cuero

2000 Founder Tolbert

2003: Larry White               Axtel
Mick Finney               Gilmer

2003 Founders Finney and White.jpg

2004: Ben Sargent             Carlsbad
Tommy Goode          Bastrop


2005: Cecile Blount           Sulphur Springs

2005 Founders Blount

2006: Roy Stanley              San Angelo
Joe Finney                 Gilmer

2006Founders Stanley and Finnney

2007: Richard Kesselus    Bastrop


2008: Bert and Jane Barnette Deatsville, AL


2009: Tommy Greer         Mesquite
Don Henry               Abilene


2010: Danny Turner          Terrell

2011: Les and Janie Wilson Lindsay


2012: Don Ledbetter           Gilmer


2013: Belinda Beck              Shamrock

B Beck Founder's Award 2013

2014: Randolph Gardner   Cleburne


2015: Chrysti Love               Lamesa


2016: Gene Sargent           Carlsbad


2017: Barbara Murphy

(Photo will be added when Brent Landry presents her award in person.)