Snyder-Here We Come!

In October, the State Meet will be held in Snyder, Tx. 

Here’s a billboard with their “Welcome to Snyder” artwork.

For grins, here is a look at the Coliseum today. What’s wrong with this picture? 

Dirt floor! There will be a rodeo this weekend. Don’t faint! It will be clean and ready for us in October.

Just start planning for a wonderful time of riding with the Club.

March 2017 Carmine, Tx

James and Jane Press welcomed Texas Cushman riders to their home for their annual ride. On Thursday morning, 15 scooters took off for a tour of the area. After driving through the country side via Burton,  we stopped at Lake Somerville, then into Somerville for lunch.  The ride was about 85 miles and enjoyed by all.

Saturday morning dawned with rain falling. 30 people gathered for Jane’s breakfast feast. 

No riding but the visiting was in high gear! 

What a great way to begin 2017 Cushman season.

Plan to see you all in Bastrop for the Central Texas ride.