2019 March Carmine Ride




The weather cooperated with us, allowing both Friday’s and Saturday’s rides to proceed uninterrupted. Friday’s ride took us southeast into Washington and Austin counties, arriving at The Kenney Store for lunch as we did last yesr. We were not disappointed—the hot meals provided a welcome respite from the cold weather. The “store” has developed quite a reputation as a local meeting place for musicians to gather to pick and sing. They also host many well-known C&W bands on weekends. We then hightailed it back to Carmine as direct as possible due to the cold weather. I’m pretty sure Ben Sargent will not forget this ride back. It took the rest of the evening to thaw him out!

We had our traditional Saturday morning breakfast feast in the garage before leaving for a ride through Fayette and Washington counties along Scenic FM 390—a favorite route for motorcycle groups to practice their skills at twisty, winding roadways. We stopped in Burton for gas, and then proceeded on to Independence for another gas and rest stop at Lueckemeyer’s general store. Our destination was, of course, to eat lunch! So, we headed down to the Brenham Airport where we ate lunch at the recently re-opened Southern Flyer Diner. The food did not disappoint! The place was just like it was before closing 2 years ago, with a malt shop atmosphere, complete with waitresses in poodle skirts.

Those attending this year were:


Richard and Sue Miner

Johnny and Joyce Pearce

Johnny & Joyce Pearce

Don Paige

Doug Shomette

John Allbright

Jerry Krenek

Larry and Ginger Freeze

Martin and Jane Stafford

Tommy & Debbie Goode

Pat Goode

Ben & Gene Sargent

J J Mooney

James and Jane Press

Jim Press

IMG_5966 2

Getting ready to ride

IMG_5963 2

Pit Stop

IMG_5962 2

Same pit stop


The year to see blue bonnets!

IMG_5964 2

Lunch at the Airport Cafe

IMG_5958 2

Tommy and the waitress ordering cobbler.

IMG_5959 2

Pat and Tommy Goode

IMG_5967 2

James and Jim Press

IMG_5965 2

Always time to visit and ride.

Thanks to Debi Goode, James Press, and Ginger Freeze for their pictures and report.

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