Central Texas Meet information

 Central Texas Meet 2019
Another great time with NO rain ( hopefully)
Thursday July 18 
Early arrival after 12 noon
           Meet and Greet all afternoon and then go to Mediterranean Grill for supper together at 6:30 PM
Friday July 19
7:30 Coffee and Donuts Richards Fish Kitchen
            9:00 AM  Ride leaves 30-35 MPH roughly 45 miles Return by noon Lunch on your own and several local activities including large Corvette show in town.
            3;00 PM Board Meeting Richard’s House
            6:30 Fish Fry and Visit
Saturday July 20 
7:30 Coffee and Donuts
             9:00 AM Ride leaves,  Lunch on the Road Dutch Treat, Return through the Lost Pines,  See the burn and regrowth. 
             For those staying we can visit and tell lyes and then decide where to go eat together.
Sunday  July 21 
              Breakfast together , Ride or Drive  Meet over, Sad time to see all depart

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