2021 39th State meet

“ Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town that I’ve ever seen”

Last week I received the first registration for the state meet. Thanks, Tommy and Debi Goode! This weekend I had 15 more! I am excited!

Registrations are being sent. If you include an email address, I will notify you when I receive your registration.

Last year’s meet was cancelled but we had already had the patches made. To complete your collection of patches I will have 2020 patches for sell at the registration tables for $5.00. They have been altered and I hope you will get pleasure from the big “X” across the face of the patch.

IF you aren’t coming to the State meet, it is still time to renew your membership by Oct. 16 if you want to receive the colored magazine from the 39th State Meet.

2020 Patches for sale at the meet

See you in Abilene, Chrysti Love, State Secretary

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