2014 Suphur Springs October ride


In October 2014 approximately twenty men and women were present to participate in the annual Sulphur Springs (SS) Cushman Slow Ride. After a couple of hours of meeting, greeting, and discussing individual Cushman past and present projects, we filled our bellies with Hopkins County Stew, cheese, and crackers to strengthen us for the ride. The stew was topped off with Ceil Blount’s wonderful brownies. Eleven hard core Cushman riders decided it was time. We headed out to the back roads to Cooper and Cooper Lake. We had planned to indulge ourselves at Millers Drug Store ( old Ice cream/ Malt shop) in Cooper but had to settle for some Dairy Queen Ice Cream instead. Millers Drug has been in existence since the 30’s. It’s truly a land mark with soda fountain, tables , malts, floats, and Purple Cows. The return trip to SS included a tour of Cooper Lake and different country side landscapes. The route back also included a ride through downtown SS to view the remaining Corvette exhibit that was on display before returning to Coleman Park.


We want to express our thanks and appreciation to all the Cushman riders that came to ride in the SS annual slow ride and especially the eleven hard cores that made the ride. We are looking with expectations to next year at around the same time.  


Gerald T. Heard








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