More Mistakes?!!!

As club secretary, I have sent postcards to remind members to pay their annual dues. As you can guess, I have sent some to members who have paid already. Forgive me, but I do enjoy talking with them and correcting my info. 

Today I talked with Bill Davis, #25. Yes, I know he has a Lifetime Membership but I had missed getting it marked in my record, so he got a postcard. Sure had a good visit by phone and he and Hazel are doing well. We discussed the Corpus Ride ( where I first meet them) and neither of us made the trip this year. Any way, he and some friends had rode locally on Tuesday. 

I am glad to hear from any one. And I will happily correct my mistakes.

Bill Davis, #25 at Corpus Christi ride, Oct. 2014. Photo by Chrysti  

3 thoughts on “More Mistakes?!!!

  1. Guess who I talked to just now? Horace Faulkner #32! He is still enjoying the newsletters and doing well in Ft.Worth. His wife passed last Sept. 2014 and it has been a lonely year.
    I make the best of some of my mistakes.


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