Jimmy Martin # 46

Jimmy and Sue Martin joined the Texas Cushman Club in 1984.  For 32 years they have paid their dues, traveled to meets, and created some challenging games.

Jimmy passed away this morning in Abilene, Tx. 

What I know right now:

Visitation Thursday, June 23rd. 5:00-7:00 at Elmwood Funeral Home, Abilene, Tx  

Grave side services: Veteran’s Cemetery, Abilene, Tx. On Friday at 10:00am

Anyone  who wants to ride their scooter from the gate of the cemetery to the grave site can meet at the office.

I will update this post and add the obituary when it has been released. 

2 thoughts on “Jimmy Martin # 46

  1. Sure sorry to hear the sad news…..he was a lot of fun and I enjoyed talking with him….he was a really good guy…..


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