Water Valley Ride April 2017

Water Valley park was the site for 11 campers for this year’s “Ride to Eat”.

13 Scooters were ready to be ridden on Friday morning. Weather was beautiful and breakfast was just over the Divide. At lease 22 people made the early morning run to the Another Place Cafe in Robert Lee.

Robert Lee ride

Circle of wisdom Robert Lee

Ben Sargent, Richard Kesselus, Chrysti and Raymond Love 

Then on Saturday the COLD front hit. 11 tough riders began the ride to Cristoval, Tx to have lunch at Cooper’s Bar-b-que. 11 scooters and we had 32 there for lunch. (You do the math to discover the ones who stayed warm!)

Cool riders Sat. morning

Note the 53 degrees temperature.

Sat. lunch_edited-1


It is never a REAL Cushman meet without ice cream. These 2 were our “Scoopermen” of the day.


Ben Sargent and Roy Stanley

Ben Sargent then cooked breakfast for the group on Sunday morning.

It is always a joy to have the group together.

Thanks to Sharon Henderson for the pictures.

3 thoughts on “Water Valley Ride April 2017

  1. Took the demise of the Arkansas Club to get me to Water Valley and maybe I have been going the wrong direction all these years. Great rides on good roads with little traffic. If we could just trade some mesquite for some Arke foliage. Riding over the “Divide” was picture perfect. The cool ride to Bar-B-que made me hungry for Cooper Sausage (not as good as Cent-Tex stuff but good never the less. Put Water Valley on your list for 2018. Richard K


    • Richard, we were happy to have you and Betty all those years in Arkansas! We will definitely try to make the Water Valley meet next year! Zoe and Twig


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