West Texas Fair and Parade Event Sept. 2017

Thanks to Don Henry, Don Paige, and John Hensley for preparing this Meet. The weather was wonderful and there were 3 days of Cushman friends together. We enjoyed meals at Skeets, The Cove, Sharon Allen’s Barbeque, and Mrs. Allen’s. 

Thursday 13 scooters headed toward Buffalo Gap out of the home base of Windmill RV Park, Merkel, Tx.

Don Henry and Barton Burgoon drove the chase vehicle.

Don Paige lead the rides.

Bill Tate, B.F. Smith, Pete Henderson, Martin Stafford, and Gary Mathis.

2 of our newest members, Gene Perry and James Perry. James’s son, Greg, is also a new member. 

Friday morning we rode toward Sweetwater Lake and LUNCH! 

17 scooters and 3 chase vehicles. 

Beth Doan and Belinda Beck


Chrysti Love, Jane and James Press

  Raymond and Chrysti Love

Armando Trevino, Ted Grisham, and Don Paige

Pete Henderson and Jack Miller

  Louis Smith, Bill Tate, and Bill Beck

Jane and Martin Stafford, Armando Trevino, and Ted Gresham

We all met at Mrs. Allen’s in Sweetwater for lunch. Around 27 people enjoyed the bowls of fried chicken, ham, and home cooked vegetables plus rolls.

Margaret and Armando Trevino


Greg Perry, James Perry, and Gary Mathis

The following are pictures of the reason this Ride is a big tradition in the Big Country Area plans each year.


There were several members who come out to ride in this once a year parade. 20 scooters represented the Texas Cushman Club.

Many thanks to Margaret Trevino and Belinda Beck for sharing their pictures.

Those attending: Don and Judy Henry, Barton Burgoon, Don Paige and Beth Doan, Ted Gresham, Raymond and Chrysti Love, Bill and Belinda Beck, B.F. Smith, Pete Henderson, Gary Mathis, Gene Perry, James Perry, Greg Perry, Bill and Mary Tate, Jack and Emma Miller, Martin and Jane Stafford, Armando and Margaret Trevino, James and Jane Press.

Please comment on the ones I missed who rode in the parade. 

A complete write up will appear in the next newsletter.

3 thoughts on “West Texas Fair and Parade Event Sept. 2017

  1. Looks like fun! I wish there was somebody around Houston that did restorations on Cushmans. I have a 1958 Eagle that needs rebuilt. Been in 2 floods and the last time it was on the road was back in the 70’s.


  2. I see Jack Hadlock in the parade pics but he’s the only one I can make out that isn’t already listed. It’s still heartbreaking to see West Texas Fair & Rodeo parade pictures without Jimmy Martin in them!

    Love my Cushman family!


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