Water Valley Ride to Eat 2018

Welcome to Water Valley, TX. Home of the annual “Ride to Eat” event.


First meal together: 20 Cushman friends at The Other Place in Carlsbad, TX.

Friday morning, we began a ride to breakfast in Robert Lee, TX



Raymond Love


Richard Kesselus


Ted Grisham


Don Paige


Les Turner enjoyed the park but didn’t ride to Robert Lee.


Gary Mathis


John Henslee


Larry Rose


Belinda Beck


Bill Beck


Armando Trevino


Ben Sargent drove chase vehicle this year.

We had 27 to enjoy breakfast at Another Place in Robert Lee.

The return ride met with high, dusty winds. We were glad to get back to the park.

The guys rode that afternoon to Sterling City for ice cream.

The ladies headed into San Angelo for a meal at the Angry Cactus cafe.


Carolyn Turner, Belinda Beck, Karen Rose, Betty Mathis, Wyatt Johnson, Gene Sargent

Betty Kesselus, Sharon Henderson, Margaret Trevino, Jennifer Johnson with Adelaide

Chrysti Love, Judy Henry, and Gloria Henslee

The potluck supper was provided by the group. There were 29 there to visit, eat, and enjoy the fire in the fireplace.

Saturday morning was another cold day. 9 tough riders headed toward Sterling City for lunch.


The Hitchin Post in Sterling City had prepared bar-b-que for the group of 26.

Later that afternoon, the guys gathered for visiting.


Sunday morning, Ben Sargent and Raymond Love prepared sausage and pancakes.

Raymond and Ben cooking

We all had a great time. Cold and wind can’t keep us inside.

Thanks to all who came. See you next year.

Concho Valley Club

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