JUNE 2018 Graham and Possum Kingdom Ride

Amazing how many Cushman people NEED to ride and visit.

Gene Perry arranged a fantastic weekend. 30 people braved the heat this weekend.

By Thursday lunchtime, we had 16 people to have lunch at the Dinner Bell in Graham.

There was potluck at the Dark Canyon RV park that night. With 11 campers and the help of the ones staying at the hotel, we had an unusual feast.

Gene Perry

Friday morning we meet in the Best Western parking lot to travel the west side of Possum Kingdom Lake. 17 scooters made the ride. 28 had lunch at the Dinner Bell.

After discussing the heat, the guys agreed they would like to see Ft. Belknap. 10 scooters made that ride.

Saturday 15 scooters, 3 pickups, and the chase vehicle left Dark Canyon RV park to view the east side of Possum Kingdom Lake with a destination of Mary’s Cafe in Strawn.


28 had lunch at Mary’s. We drove back to Dark Canyon RV and the trip was 107 miles.

Thanks to Rylee and Reagan Reeves for the great pictures.

One thought on “JUNE 2018 Graham and Possum Kingdom Ride

  1. Thanks for all the pictures and story of this meet. I proud of y’all for getting
    out and riding in this heat. It looks like everyone had fun and that is what is good for Cushman folk.


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