2018 State Meet Special Events Info


36th Texas State Meet

As a reminder to all Cushman club members, we will be doing the 100 Year Club ride again this year at the state meet.  For those who are not familiar with the 100 Year Club, you too can be a member IF:

  1. You have a 100 percent Cushman scooter, i.e., no Mikuni carbs, no non-Cushman engines, no custom frames, lights, etc.Only those items that came from Cushman Motor Works, or were Cushman accessories available when the scooters were in production.  Only one exception:  you may have updated tires and rims for safety reasons.
  2. Your age, plus your scooter’s age is equal to, or greater than, 100 years.
  3. You register and pay your $7.00 registration fee at the meet (pays for patches & trophies).

We will all line up according to your combined age, and do a short ride around town to show off our true vintage scooters. You receive a patch and get a chance to win trophies “Unrestored Best of Show”, “Restored Best of Show” and/or “Highest Combined Years”.


James Press

Texas Cushman Club

Member No. 1545



Listed below are the Show Scooter Classes and a short definition where noted.

  1. Original unrestored Cushman –A scooter that is as it left the factory, with expected wear and tear. One that has not been restored or repainted. The standard score sheet will be used for judging.
  2. Restored Eagle (Cast Iron)
  3. Restored OMC Eagle
  4. Restored Trailster
  5. Restored Three Wheeler
  6. Restored Step-thru Cushman and Allstate
  7. Custom Class –Cushman Powered,voted on by members
  8. Modified Class –NonCushman Powered, voted on by members

Any scooter entered in the Customor Modified Class must have a Cushman manufactured frame and at least three of the following from the Cushman Parts List.

                                                            Cushman Parts List

  1. Rear fender or cove
  2. Front fender or cover
  3. Gas tank
  4. Wheels or Hub
  5. Handlebars or steering wheel
  6. Front fork
  7. Senior Class –Cushman prior first place scooter.

Paul Covert High Point Scooter –The scooter from above that scores the highest points on the Judges Score Sheets. Named in memory of Paul Covert for his contributions to the Texas Cushman Club as a friend, parts supplier, and restorer.

People’s Choice– Voted on by members for their favorite show scooter.

Scooter games and the Sled Pull will be held on Thursday afternoon with Bill and Belinda Beck in charge of the games and Jack Hadlock in charge of the sled pull.


2 thoughts on “2018 State Meet Special Events Info

  1. Paul Covert is my father and I was so touched to hear about the award. He would have been so proud to know that he is still remembered.


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