Richard Miner’s Accident

As Webmaster, I have not been inclined to post health posts about our members. I care, it is just personal information I don’t think belongs here.

But this accident happened at the National Meet and so many have been concerned that I am posting this. I used Sue Miner’s info from her texts.

On Thursday (June 13, 20190 of the National Meet in Paris, TX Richard Miner had a bad scooter accident. He was Air Flighted to Medical City Burn and Trauma Center in Plano.

On Saturday, he had the first surgery to do skin grafts on the road rash he suffered. There were ribs and a collar bone broken with a multitude of road rash areas. Due to the skin grafting,  the risk of infection was very high plus a risk for pneumonia due to the broken ribs.

On Monday, he was moved by ambulance to Memorial Herman, Houston. On Tuesday, Richard had another surgery to clean up more of the road rash but no new skin grafts.

On Wednesday, he was moved out of ICU. This morning, Saturday, June 21,

Sue sent a message that Richard had a “good day”. Sue thinks they have found a pain medication that is the best for him. He has a 24 hour nurse with him.

Please send your cards to this address: 37 Champion Villa Dr., Houston, TX 77069. They need your encouragement and prayers.


Richard and Sue Miner with Brent Landry October 20, 2018 at Sulphur Springs


One thought on “Richard Miner’s Accident

  1. Joyce and I went to see Richard yesterday in the hospital. he was wide awake and in good spirits, the hospital, still dealing mostly with the road rash on his arms. I’m not sure just what needs to be done to address the fractured bones but he doesn’t seem to be hampered all that much by them. sue told us he walked a little bit the other day. he is still maintaining his sense of humor and did not seem to be in all that much pain except for the ribs when he coughs or sneezes. we had a good visit and were encouraged by his improvement. hopefully he will be moved to rehab hospital soon.


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