2019 November’s Exciting Gulf Coast Ride

Participants began gathering Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019 at the Microtel Hotel in Aransas Pass, Tx. The weather was cold and rainy…but that didn’t stop us from our Early-Bird dinner plans at The Fisherman’s Daughter in Ingleside, Tx. 

We awoke Thursday morning  to 42 degrees with 15 MPH wind and rain…but the weatherman said that mess would clear out by noon. NOT. So, we proceeded to caravan to Fulton Beach, Tx to eat lunch at Charlotte Plummers. 

It continued to rain throughout the day, but our day was brightened by John and Barbara Allbright who offered their home for drinks and snacks at 5:00 PM.

Friday morning we woke up to a cold and windy but sunny day. 12 Scooters  left the Motel with Homer Schelling leading and rode to the ferry to cross over to Port Aransas. 

We rode down Mustang Island and crossed over to Padre Island to eat lunch at Doc’s under the Intracoastal Canal Bridge. We were joined by Mike and Grace Patrick, John and Barbara Allbright and grandson Luc Chavez, and Lenny and Jessica from Callallen. After another wonderful meal we proceeded into Corpus Christi and rode the scenic Shoreline Drive down to the T-Head boat docks for a photo op!


We rode across the high bridge to Portland, Tx. to visit Homer Schelling’s home to view his collection of Cushmans and collectibles. We returned to the hotel in Aransas Pass. We gathered at Paradise Cove in Rockport, Tx. for dinner. Besides a wonderful meal we enjoyed music provided by a local singer. 

Saturday morning the weather was beautiful. We loaded up and left the motel with Homer leading 9 scooters. We went north out of Aransas Pass to the Goose Island State Park on the north side of Copano Bay to gawk at the BIG Tree that is over 1000 years old. We left Goose Island and returned to Fulton Beach to eat lunch at The Boiling Pot restaurant. 

The following participants rode in some or all of the rides: Jerry Krenek and Diana Hybner; Don and Ann Reed; Larry and Ginger Freeze; Mike Johnson; Ray Powers; James and Jane Press; David and Karen Pickett; Mike Patrick; Gene Perry; Paul and Mary Kruska;  Don Henry;  Tommy and Debi Goode; Homer Schelling and Harlene Wilson and Laura (Paulette) and Harold Arens; John Allbright.

The weather may stop us from riding…but we can still eat!!

Submitted by Debi Goode

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