Karen Rose – TCC#259


Abilene, State Meet 2013

December 7, 1936- December 19, 2019

Karen passed away this morning. She and her husband, Larry, were TCC # 259.

Karen Rose was a true Cushman lover and she used her truckster.


April, 2017, San Angelo, TX

This picture was typical. Friends having a good time!

( Left to right) Gene Sargent, Gloria Henslee,, Sharon Henderson, Karen Rose, Margaret Trevino, Chrysti Love, Belinda Beck, and Betty Mattis.

2 thoughts on “Karen Rose – TCC#259

  1. This can’t be, she even played games on the computer with me. Larry, is there anything we can do for you. We will both really miss her, so was so much fun at the meets. Our prayers will coming your way, so you take care.
    Jim and Jill


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