Sharing the Carmine Event! March 2021

Leaving Carmine Saturday, March 13, 2021 morning.

Tyler Johnson, Jane Press, JJ Mooney, John Allbright, Tommy Goode, Richard Kesselus, and James Press

CARMINE RIDE March 13, 2021 by Debi Goode

James and Jane Press started off the 2021 Central Texas Cushman season by hosting a breakfast feast that included egg and chili pepper casseroles, banana bread, fruit trays and muffins, accompanied by orange juice and coffee. Individually wrapped snickerdoodle cookies were also provided. The ride left Carmine around 9:30 AM and took scenic backroads over to LaGrange where we visited the Kreische Brewery and Monument Hill State Historic Sites. “The Kreische Brewery Overlook contains ruins of one of the earliest and largest breweries in Texas which produced German-style beers circa 1870-1884. Also on the grounds is the Burial site of Republic of Texas soldiers killed during the Dawson and Mier Expeditions.” (Information taken from the brochure provided by the Texas Historical Commission.)

After enjoying the relaxing atmosphere at the Historic Site, we rode to Reba’ Deli in LaGrange for a wonderful lunch. After lunch we took back roads to Round Top for an ice cream break, then home to Carmine. Thanks to Jim Press for providing the chase vehicle…thankfully his services were not needed to pick up any scooters! Participants included the following: James and Jane Press, Jim Press, John and Barbara Allbright, Larry and Ginger Freeze, JJ Mooney, Richard Kesselus, Ben and Gene Sargent, Tyler and Jennifer Johnson with Wyatt and Adelaide, and Tommy and Debi Goode. Information and photos provided by Debi Goode.

JJ Mooney and Tommy Goode
Lunch at Reba’s James and Jane Press,Richard Kesselus, Tommy Goode
Ginger Freeze, Jennifer Johnson, Ben Sargent, Tyler and Wyatt Johnson, Larry Freeze at lunch

JJ Mooney, Jim Press, and James Press
Tommy and Debi Goode. Thanks to Debi for sharing her photos.

A full write up will be in the July newsletter.

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