West Texas Fair Parade Sept. 2021

     For the past 40 plus years, members of the Texas Cushman Club have participated in West Texas Fair Parade that marks the beginning of the West Texas Fair and Rodeo in Abilene, Tx.

    This year the following members participated:  Don & Judy Henry, Barton

Bergoon, Ted Grisham, Tommy Blackmon, Roy Stanley, new member Craig Bellis

and Don Paige. 

      Following the parade, all met at Sharon’s Barbeque for lunch and were joined by Gloria Henslee and Beth Doan.  Afterward, Don, Ted, Roy, Craig and Don Paige went on a 40+ mile country ride  led by Don Henry and followed by Judy Henry and Joellen Stanley. 

     It was great to see Roy Stanley back in the saddle after a long layoff and have new member Craig Bellis join us from the metroplex area. 

Thank to Don Paige for this report.

No new pictures but here are some past years:

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