2021 Concho Valley Christmas Party

On December 11, 2021, Saturday 2:00-5:00, the Concho Cushman Club had their Christmas party at Ben and Gene Sargent’s home in Carlsbad, Tx.

After a time of sharing snacks and finger foods with lots of visiting, the 13 people gathered in the living room to have a Chinese gift exchange of Christmas ornaments. Martin Stafford’s horseshoe decorations, Raymond Love’s Cushman Eagle ornaments, and Joellen Stanley’s hand painted ornament were all traded the maximum of 3 times. No one was disappointed since all the ornaments were all top notch.

Joellen and Roy Stanley, Armando and Margaret Trevino, Gene Sargent, Carolyn Turner, Nancy and Lee Bennett, Jane and Martin Stafford
Jane and Martin Stafford, Ben Sargent, Raymond Love
Armando and Margaret Trevino, Chrysti Love, Gene Sargent, Carolyn Turner, Nancy Bennett

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!!! From the Concho Valley club.

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