Ridin’ in Ouray, Colorado.. August 2022


When in Ouray, Colorado a couple of years ago, I began thinking that some of our members might enjoy riding in the beautiful mountains.  Last year I mentioned this to a few of our Texas Cushman friends and received an enthusiastic response.  After consulting with Don Henry, I decided to put a specific date on our event calendar and see what happened.  The result was a very nice turnout for our first Ouray Cushman ride, August 19th and 20th, 2022.  We had fifteen people, including spouses, attend the event.

Our early bird dinner was held at the True Grit Café in Ridgway, about 13 miles north of Ouray.

LouAnn and Jerry Jordan, Joyce and Joe Faltinek

Jane Press, Don and Judy Henry, Thelma and Bob Story,

The first day we had eight scooters that rode from Ouray around to Telluride.  I say “around” because we had to go around some mountains to get there.  “As the crow flies” is about 13 miles; by paved roads it’s 49 miles.  We first rode to Mountain Village where we parked our scooters in a parking garage.  We walked over to catch the gondola system to go down to Telluride for lunch and shopping.

Telluride riders at Placerville rest stop

I think the gondola rides over a mountain peak and down to Telluride, dropping about 1000 feet, was the high point of the day.

Gondola down to Telluride (town below)

On our second day we had seven scooters and 8 riders.  Because of threatening rain, we rode about half way to Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway and stopped at the Red Mountain Mining overlook at about 10,000 feet elevation.  The tortuous hairpin turns gave us thrill after thrill! With no mishaps or breakdowns. 

Our Red Mountain Mine overlook with scooters, riders and trailer crew

We met at the Red Mountain Brewery for dinner after the Red Mountain ride.  Those attending were the Press’s, the Jordan’s, the Story’s, the Faltinek’s and the Henry’s.

Our third day, although unplanned, was a ride up to the Ridgway overlook.  The only ones left for this Sunday ride were Joe Faltinek, Gene Perry and James Press.  Jane Press and Joyce Faltinek pulled the trailer.  This was another thrilling mountain road with several switchbacks, but the view was breathtaking when we got to the overlook.

Jane, Joyce, Joe and Gene (James is behind the camera)

Majestic overlook without people in the view

Our first Texas Cushman Club–sanctioned Colorado rides were enjoyed by all, with no scooters loaded onto the trailer and no mishaps!  We did have some rain returning from Telluride, but that’s what happens in the Mountains.

Attendees:  Gene Perry, Greg Perry, James Perry, James & Jane Press, Gerald & LouAnn Jordan, Don & Judy Henry, Bob & Thelma Story, Joe & Joyce Faltinek, David Perry and James Perry Jr.

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