Find Yourself in the Falls – Oct. 2020

The TCC officers meet in Wichita Falls June 27, 2020.  Dee Van Winkle hosted us at the MPEC ( Multi Purpose Event Center). There are plenty of hotels and camping sites, so read further about the plans.


We will be using Exhibit Area B of the Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall. These doors are on the West side of the building. Our Texas Cushman Club banner will be hung in this area for you to easily find the State Meet.


Welcoming us was Michael Tipton, General Manager of MPEC. We will be entering through the doors behind him. To the left are the windows of the Concession Stand which will be open for your food needs early morning though lunch.


Schedule, registration forms, and more information can be located under the tab “2020 38th State Meet” on the Home Page of the website.

Please remember, to order your t-shirts and/or enter the 100 year ride by Sept. 23, 2020.



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