Leaky Ride September 2021

Gene Perry organized another great “riding, eating, and visiting” trip. The complete write up will be in the State magazine. This is a teaser from Chrysti Love. With pictures from Mary Kruska.( thanks, Mary!)

The Bent Rim was a great cafe plus we has shade to visit under.

Thursday was the day of arrival. By afternoon we took off with 12 scooters riding “ The Baby Sister 1” ride into Utopia where we had dinner at the Lost Maple Cafe.

Utopia, Tx -Gene Perry, Paul Kruska, Forrest Blaylock, Don Reed, Joe Faltinek, David Pickett, Zoe and Twig Branch, James and Jane Press, and Jack Miller. James Perry and Richard Kesselus were riders but not caught in this picture.
Left to right: Paul Kruska, Gene Perry, Don Reed, Forrest Blaylock

Friday 12 scooters rode the 3 Twisted Sisters for a total of 91 miles.

Camp Wood, Tx – Don Henry, Forrest Blaylock, Gene Perry, Paul Kruska (kneeling), David Pickett, Jane and James Press, Zoe and Twig Branch, Barbara and John Allbright, Richard and Betty Kesselus, and Don Reed

So you will understand the names of the rides:

Thanks to James and Jane Press for the map.

Dinner that night was at Mill Creek Cafe in Leaky.

Saturday morning, several additional riders came to enjoy the morning. 16 scooters drove 91 miles doing the Twisted Sisters clockwise. The on- coming traffic was busy but the group had a great, clear road.

Jack Miller
Zoe Branch
Don Henry
James and Jane Press
Gene Perry
Don Paige
Paul Kruska
Don Reed
Joe Faltinek
David Pickett
Ted Grisham
Ray Powers
Forrest Blaylock
Saturday’s lunch was at the Bent Rim.

Saturday’s dinner was at Mama Choles in Leaky.

Every meal was great food and service.

Here’s all the people who were there: John and Barbara Allbright, Twig and Zoe Branch, Forrest Blaylock, Joe and Joyce Faltinek, Larry and Ginger Freeze, Ted Grisham, Don Henry, Richard and Betty Kesselus, Paul and Mary Kruska, Raymond and Chrysti Love, Jack Miller,Don Paige, Gene Perry (organizer), James Perry, David and Karen Pickett, Ray Powers, James and Jane Press, and Don and Ann Reed.

On Sunday morning as Raymond and I were leaving Leaky, we meet 5 scooters coming into Leaky. I think it was Gene Perry, Forrest Blaylock, Don Reed, David Pickett, and Paul Kruska.

What a great trip! Thanks to Gene and James Perry who with their sons visited and made the plans.

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