Abilene State Meet RV site’s information

Here is the information about the camping at the Expo Center. We will enter at GATE 5 off the southbound access road to Loop 322. RV parking is to the left. Trailer parking will be to the right. Free for trailers as long as they are NOT plugged in. Trailer parking sites 401-413 and 442-455.

The cost for RV sites is $25.00 and they are water, electric, and sewer. Use this special price and enjoy because without sewer is $25.00


The Expo Center will block all rv sites that aren’t full hookups. RV spots 464-468 and 501-508 are 50 amp fulls, 509-553 are 30 amp full. You can park and pay when you arrive if you don’t want to reserve a place.To reserve and pay on-line:When you click on the link, you will open the Select Event page. The 2021 Texas Cushman RV Hookup is your line. Go to “PURCHASE” and you see the map. Our building is “Capital Farm Display Building” and it is not on this map. It is located between the “Guitar Arena” and sites 225-217.TOUCH the area where you want to stay and the “Seating Chart legend” will allow you to select your camping site and lead you to the credit card page. ( I think Raymond had to set up a Log in Account). $25 per night, but the Expo Center has set up the prices as follows:

Site map that can be seen better from the Website

Rochelle Johnson

General Manager. 325-795-6706

Expo Center 325-667-4326


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