Brett Lindsey, TCC# 1365 Has passed

Brett Lindsey joined the TCC in 2002. He will be missed by his friends in the Central Texas Club. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Brett Stuart Lindsey

June 11, 1971 – October 11, 2021

18,385 days. That’s how long Brett had on this Earth. That’s not the way one typically looks at life spans, but Brett was not a typical person. He’s someone who’d probably get a kick out of calculating his life in days, or even hours (441,240), or even minutes (26,474,440), or even seconds (1,588,464,400).

Life did not deal Brett the easiest of hands. He battled several surgeries from grade school through high school that took a toll on his health. But he always faced hurdles head on. He marched to the beat of his own drum, and didn’t feel any particular need to fit in with a crowd or follow the well worn path. But he did follow his heart, finding happiness in so many things big and small.  His belief in God and his desire for Heaven never waivered.  He was a kind and gentle son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew and friend.

A focused soul: He patiently tinkered with motors, meticulously fixed leaky faucets, and painstakingly kept at a task until it met his exacting standards. He would even tear the whole item apart just to start over again due to one slight imperfection. Not only was he mechanically inclined, but he also had the knack as a kid of always being the first to find an Easter egg in the annual hunt at Nana and Jack’s (his Grandparents in Hallettsville)! As an adult, this joy was replayed by hiding the eggs for his niece and nephews in some of the most creative places.

A kind soul: He loved animals and friends dearly—never hunting or playing sports himself, but listening endlessly about stories of each. Never holding a grudge, he was loyal, open hearted, and kind to a fault.

A reminiscent soul: His mind held details like no other. And he held particularly tight to memories, easily remembering a funny story from 30 years ago, yet not bothering to retain what happened just yesterday.

A discerning soul: He loved an occasion to dine on cuisines of culture: Indian, Tai, Japanese…. were some of his favorites, never wanting the same thing twice nor tolerating a horrid leftover.  And don’t dare ruin any food with the foul onion.  For Brett, nothing could ruin a meal faster than the faint smell or taste of an onion.  Sauerkraut, kolaches, and many other Central Texas staples were cherished and had a lifetime of celebrations that went with those foods.

A local soul: Brett loved Bastrop. He kept tabs on all things Bastrop County—from the latest round of gossip, to little-known trivia and lore, to the foundational histories of the county’s people and its buildings. He judged car shows with the fairest and most objective perspective on the panel. He enjoyed the yearly Homecoming and Christmas parade, often riding his 1958 Cushman Scooter with the Scooter club and friends.   He valued only the best music (rest assured nothing from the modern era made his playlist).

An old soul: A deep thinker; a soft speaker. Brett found comfort in a family game of Yahtzee or the Lindsey’s favorite card game—Hell !  He loved a good old-fashioned television show, especially one where families stuck together and worked problems out. Happy Endings were a theme for Brett’s TV Guide: The Waltons never disappointed.

Goodnight, Brett-boy.

Until we meet again.

Brett is survived by his parents Ronald L. Lindsey and Catherine Lindsey of Bastrop; his sister Carmen Lindsey Klaerner; his brother-in-law Bryan Klaerner; his brother Eric Lindsey; his sister-in-law Tanya Lindsey; Nephews Carson Klaerner, Mason Lindsey, and his only niece, Karlie Grace Klaerner.

A visitation will be held at Providence Funeral Home, 2079 Hwy 71 in Bastrop, TX.

November 13, 2021 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

A reception will follow at the home of Eric Lindsey.

Please join us in celebrating the life of Brett Lindsey.

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