Possum Kingdom April 2022

Row of Beauty

THURSDAY Once again we headed to PK for three days of riding our favorite two- wheel vehicles. PK has four things that makes it a great area for riding: good roads, good food, good scenery, and not much traffic. For the first time (for me) we had more people in the motel than in the campground. We did our usual shakedown/dinner ride to “The Cafe” in Graford. Everywhere we went there was a little restaurant that serves a large variety of very good food. We had ten Cushmans and one Honda make the trip along with six people in cars. After a very good dinner we headed back to PK before dark.

Time to Ride!
Thursday ride to Graford
Paul and Mary Kruska,, Raymond Love, Frank Turbeville, Richards Kesselus, Karen Pickett, Mick and RJ Hudson, Marlean and Rickie Hudson, Joe and Joyce Faltinek, Jane and James Press, Gene Perry, Forrest Blaylock, and James Perry
David Pickett, Forrest Blaylock, and RJ Hudson

We crossed the Brazos River and headed to our first rest stop at the Palo Pinto Courthouse.

Palo Pinto courthouse
Park and draw someone who walks down memory lane.

FRIDAY was our day to head to Strawn for a chicken-fried steak at “Mary’s Cafe”.

Mary’s Cafe in Strawn
Joyce Faltinek and Raymond Love

SATURDAY was our day to ride to Mineral Wells where we had lunch atThe Mesquite Pit. Delicious food and great company.

Joe and Joyce Faltinek, Richard Kesselus, Don Paige, and James Perry
At lunch, Richard Kesselus was sitting with visitor, Oliver Sitrin.

Those attending the ride were:Raymond/Chrysti Love, James/Jane Press, Paul/ Mary Kruska, David/Karen Pickett, Joe/Joyce Faltinek, Rickie/Marlean Hudson, R J/Michelle Hudson, Forrest Blaylock, Don Paige, Don Henry, Richard Kesselus, Frank Turbeville, Martin Stafford, Oliver Sitrin, James Perry, Gene Perry.

A grand tour on a very well planned meet.

Thanks to Gene Perry for planning this weekend. It was great to get together with other members. Thanks to Raymond Love for driving the chase vehicle.

James and Gene Perry acting like brothers!

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